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The Script

Comedy / English /

27 mins / 2014

Two men, clueless of how

they appeared in a

featureless room,

eventually realize that they

are unwritten characters

in a film script, being

developed as the film


Ashay Dileep Javadekar


Welcome to my website! I am an independent filmmaker in Delaware, USA.

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Story of a UD Student

Animation / English / 1 min / 2011

A commercial for Career Services Center of University of Delaware

Newark Natural Foods

Commercial / English / 31 secs / 2011

A commercial for local organic store in Newark DE


Drama / Marathi / 21 mins / 2010

A story of two golden-agers visiting America.

Making of Virangula (Marathi / 30 mins)

NJ Premiere (Marathi / 10 mins)

Yard Sale
Drama / Silent / 3 mins / 2008

Inspired by the shortest story ever told!

Watch it in full (English / 1 min)

Watch it in full (English / 31 secs)

Watch it in full ( Marathi with English subtitles / 21 mins)

Audio Interviews (Marathi)

Watch it in full (Silent / 3 mins)


Horror / English / 4 mins / 2014

“Dad!”, he woke me up at 2 am. He was scared, and had a surprise for me.

Watch it in full (English / 4 mins)

© Ashay Dileep Javadekar

The Script - Official trailer (English / 60 secs)

Watch it in full (English / 27 min)


Marathi-English / 72 mins / 2017

An Indian chef goes against all odds to open a restaurant of a lesser known Marathi cuisine outside India, and popularizes it with the help of his French wife.

Shank’s - Official trailer (Marathi-English / 2.5 mins)